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9th Bistro is a cosy neighbourhood restaurant and cafe serving classic comfort food. We are located in front of BMC Bhawani Mall. We are open from 11 AM - 11 PM

Best Continental Restaurant in Bhubaneswar


Our Specialties

Laal Maansh Pie

Small chunks of lamb cooked in griddle, finished its own and baked and garnished.

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Mutton Keema Samosa

A chocolate shaped samosa stuffed with minced mutton and herbs

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Baked Crab in Shell

Crab meat cooked in bechamel sauce and baked grated with cheese.

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Aloo Tokri Chaat

Spicy and mouth watering aloo chat served in aloo tokris.

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Cauliflower and Crab Meat Soup

A crab flavored soup with cauliflower florets.

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Paturi Fish

Fillets of fish marinated and cooked in banana leaves.

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